Retractable Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack 100x50x11.5cm


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This Retractable Wall Mounted Drying Rack at 100x50x11.5cm is a perfect way to save on space in a crowded housing situation. Since it is wall mounted, you don’t have to worry about it taking up space and can put more things in the same area without worrying if it will all fit.

Long Life

It will last you many washes since it is made of durable materials that will hold some of the heaviest loads. Never worry about overloading this retractable clothes line. It is also large enough to hold many loads for sustained periods of time.


It is made of stainless steel, which makes it remarkably different from the old-fashioned clothes lines made of hemp or string. Stainless clothes drying rack is especially useful when wet clothes can make other clothes lines stain or rust. Hang up your clothes using a sturdy material that won’t fail you.

Unique Material

This Retractable wall mounted drying rack 100x50x11.5cm uses electrostatic decorative powder paint. It has been used on the outer covering parts to give a truly unique look and feel, furtermore it is a clothesline that will look fashionable despite its utilitarian use.

Can be Used Anywhere

The laundry room isn’t the only place you can use this this Retractable wall mounted drying rack. Since it has a large load capacity and small dimensions, it can be used anywhere, whether that be at home, indoors, outdoors, and even in some commercial and industrial settings.

The Retractable Wall Mounted Drying Rack comes fully assembled and makes laundry time a much easier chore. Mounting hardware (4 sets of screws, anchors (not needed for studs) and washers, plus 1 set of spares) is included. Retractable clothesline made using stainless steel components to withstand outdoor conditions and reinforced durability.


This Wall Mounted Drying Rack is also available in Black here.



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